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Baptist work commenced in Montreal with the building of First Baptist Church on ST. Helen’s Street in 1831. Montreal Baptist College was founded one year later. In 1902, members from First, Oliver and Grace Baptist Churches joined to found Westmount Baptist Church. Services were initially held in the Queen’s Theater on St. Catherine Street, later in the church building still standing on the corner of de Maisonneuve and Olivier Avenues.

Delayed by the First World War, the sod was turned for the present church by the Right Honorable David Lloyd George in October, 1923. The cornerstone was laid in 1924 by Honorable Albert Matthews of Toronto, a former member, and later Lt. Governor of Ontario, and the building dedicated by the late Rev. Gabriel Reid Maguire, F.R.G.S., pastor, in April of 1925.

The church building is of Greek Renaissance design and was conceived by Sidney Comber, architect. The interior is a fine example of “free church” architecture where the preaching of the gospel is central to the worship service. Unlike the long and narrow sanctuaries popular among liturgical churches, the congregation is seated close to the pulpit and choir.

Positioning of the Communion Table, pulpit and baptistery symbolize the centrality of biblical exposition in worship, the ordinance of believer’s baptism, as the right of entry and sealing in the gathered community, and the Lord’s Table as a simple “remembrance” meal. The heritage of the fine evangelical music is seen in the beautiful Casavant organ of 25 stops, dedicated as a memorial to the war dead of World War I. The chimes were presented by the 5 children of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Jones.

Expressive of free church traditions, the sanctuary is simple and without ornamentation, except for the heraldic shields upon which are emblazoned symbols proclaiming aspects of the gospel. Each has a biblical foundation, referring to Christ as King, shepherd, anchor, or to the Word of God as the “sword of the spirit” and the “Helmet of salvation”.

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List of Pastor 2

1902 – 1906

1906 – 1913

1913 – 1922

1923 – 1925

1927 – 1931     

1933 – 1936

1956 – 1962  

1962 – 1966 

1967 – 1976

1977 – 1979  

1979 – 1985        

1986 – 1996   

1997 – 2002 (April)

2002 (July) – 2003 (June)

2003 (July-August)

2003-2007 (Nov.)

2007 (Nov) – 2008 (Nov)

2008 (Dec) – 2010 (Nov)

2010 (Nov) – Present                  

2013 (Sep) – Present

2014 (Feb) – Present

Rev. F. S. Weston

Dr. G. O. Gates

DR. O. C. S. Wallace

Dr. G. R. Maguire

Rev. J. M. Smith

Dr. J. A. Jonhston

Dr. E. J. Bailey

Rev. Harold J. Balsdon

Rev. J. Frank Patch

Rev. Alan Griffin

Dr. Walter Ellis

Dr. Barry Morrison

Rev. Ron Humphries

Ed Waldrop (Interim )

Walter Stairs (Interim)

David Low

Walter Stairs (Interim Pastor)

Dr. Rev. David Smith

Rev. Brian Berry

Rev. Yoon Sok Kang (A. Pastor)

Neville Lewis (Assoc. Pastor)

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